An introduction…


It’s a bit odd trying to start a blog. I mean, how are you meant to start this, you know?
There are all these bits of advice on the internet, you can find thousands of articles on how to start a blog and how to write blog posts. But, sometimes it just feels clunky and inauthentic. So, I figure, I’ll just do my thing. Work it out as I go 🙂

So I’ve written a little blurb regarding what this blog will be about.

But to go into a bit more detail, I find a lot of things interesting and sometimes, ~sometimes~ I have coherent thoughts about these things and want to write about and share these thoughts.
My main loves are books, music, tea, mental health, and life experiences. These are probably things that I will write about a lot. When inspiration strikes me, I’ll probably share some of my creative endeavours like writing, drawing or painting.

But what makes me me? Well, isn’t that a deep existential question? Haha!
I could try and think of different adjectives to describe me, but that would make me uncomfortable and set up a bunch of unrealistic expectations. I’m simply me and I’m preeeetty certain you’ll get an idea of what that is as we adventure through this together 🙂